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Your patients’ teeth are your top priority. You take pride in knowing you’re providing the best care possible of every person who walks through your door. Staying up to date on news and trends in dentistry should be top of mind, not your insurance policies. Still, it’s imperative you cover your office’s unique risks with specialized dental office insurance.

Specialized dental office insurance protects your practice.

In addition to the standard office equipment like desks, chairs, and computers, your patient rooms contain equipment unique to the dental profession. Items like X-ray machines, dental chairs, lights, sterilization equipment, and more are all quite costly to replace. A standard business insurance policy may not contain adequate limits. Dentists often have visiting practitioners come in to help cover vacations or extended illness. Conversely, you may work in another office to fill in for someone else. In these circumstances, you need to be sure your insurer knows where you are and who is working in your office.

Dental malpractice and peer review policies are crucial.

Accidents can happen. Patients may also believe they have been treated improperly and, if they file suit or report you to the licensing board, you’ll need to defend yourself. Attorney fees can add up quickly, and if damages are awarded, you could be ruined financially if your practice is not properly insured. Basic dental office insurance policies generally don’t cover malpractice. Depending on the work you do and the population you serve, your needs could be different as well.

Dental offices are still businesses.

As specialized as your business is, you still need to have basic insurance coverages essential to businesses of all types. You’ll want to consider general liability, employee practices liability, cyber liability, and business interruption insurance, among other policies. Working with an insurance agent who understands the specific dental office insurance you need means you’ll be getting a comprehensive suite of policies to protect your dental practice.

Don’t forget coverage for employees and contractors.

Your dental practice needs insurance coverage for its employees, too. Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage in the event an employee is injured on the job. Hygienists, dentists, and dental assistants face an increased risk of injury based on the tools they use and their close proximity to patients. If you have contract workers in your office on an intermittent basis, be sure to talk with your insurance agent about what obligations you have to provide coverage for them, too.

If you’re interested in learning more about the specialized dental office insurance policies that may benefit your dental practice, contact us today.

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